Learning Lepcha in the
21st Century

"Learning Lepcha in the 21st Century"

Is a ground breaking publication that breathes new life into the study of this endangered language. The Author of the book is Ryen Gideon Taso Lepcha, released on December 17, 2022, this book offers a simplified, interactive, and logical approach to learning Lepcha, a language with a rich cultural heritage. What sets this resource apart is its innovative use of QR code technology, which grants readers access to correct pronunciation for vowels, consonants, and conjunct letters. This feature makes the journey of mastering Lepcha more engaging and accessible than ever before.

One of the key highlights of this book is the introduction of the “Wangboo framework,” a unique approach that empowers learners to seamlessly transition between Lepcha and English. By offering a systematic and intuitive method for reading and writing in both languages, this framework removes barriers and encourages fluency in Lepcha.

The comprehensive nature of “Learning Lepcha in the 21st Century” extends beyond pronunciation and language structure. It also delves into the fundamentals of Lepcha grammar and provides a conversational framework that equips readers to construct sentences. This holistic approach ensures that learners not only grasp the language’s mechanics but also gain the ability to use it in practical, real-life contexts.

The book’s credibility is further bolstered by the contributions of esteemed experts in the field. Dr. Heleen Plaisier, Assistant Herbarium Curator at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and renowned linguist, and the author of “A Grammar of Lepcha,” has penned the foreword, lending her expertise to the project. Dr. Jenny Bentley, an associated researcher at ISEK Ethnologie, University of Zurich, has contributed the introduction, further establishing the book’s academic standing.

“Learning Lepcha in the 21st Century” represents a significant step forward in the preservation and revitalization of the Lepcha language. Its innovative approach, combined with the support of esteemed scholars, promises to make learning Lepcha an engaging and achievable endeavor, ensuring that this beautiful language continues to thrive in the modern world.