Webinar Organized

RLCWS have conducted Webinars on various issues relating to the Lepchas and have completed 7 webinars till date. The main vision of these webinar is to promote Lepcha heritage, culture, traditions and language.

1.   ‘Understanding our Roots’ by RyenLangsongTamsang, (Linguist & an expert in the Lepcha language, culture and heritage). 

He spoke on the origin & the evolution of language. He briefly explained the Lepcha culture & clothing and drew some parallel from other Asian tribes.

2.   ‘NaamthoNaamthaar -ahermeneutical Inquiry’ by Dr. Fr. Samuel Lepcha (prominent author, teacher and researcher in Lepcha Language). He spoke on deep & significant insight about the Naamtho-Naamthaar script. Lepcha manuscripts are called ‘Naamtho-Naamthaar’ defined as a record and refined literary tradition of the Lepchas. Some of the ‘Naamtho-Naamthar’ are holy to the Lepchas.

3. ‘The Lepcha folk performing arts and its brief history’ with live performance by Mr.Mickma Tshering Lepcha ( Lepcha Folk Songs artist) 

He spoke on how Lepcha folklore and music are influenced by the sound produced through nature (like streams, wind, bamboo, animals etc) and how they got inspired and created these sounds as music through unique instruments made from Bamboo, wood etc. He also provided a background about the origin about these instruments.

 4.‘Nambun, Nam-aal, Namsoong and Lepcha Calendar’  by Mr. T.T. Lepcha. About Nambun, Nam-aal, Namsong: Ryen Denis Lepcha deliberated on how nature has influenced the culture, tradition and festivals of Lepcha tribe who are basically nature worshipper and how the important festivals of Lepchas owe to reverence to the Mother Nature. He spoke about the Lepcha Calendar and how it differs from the Gregorian calendar giving a brief reflection of its history.

 5. From the other side of the Camera (Dhokbu – The keeper) – Ryen Dawa Lepcha. Ryen talked about the experience during the filiming of the film and the history behind the film DHokbu – The keeper

6. ‘Lyangdok Ungdok: The Lepchas and their guardians of the land and water’ by Ryenyoo Dr. Jenny Bentley, (Associate Researcher, ISEK University, Zurich), She talked about core understanding of space, environment and protection in Lepcha ritual culture. She shared her experiences of her research in North Sikkim on how elders refer environment they live in inhabited by supernatural being and how they are called upon in ritual practices to protect their respective village.

7. Songs. Story. Storytellers with Sofiyum band Live – (Band that specialize in Lepcha folk with contemporary fusion).  This band talked about their objective and how they use the medium of music to help in promoting the Lepcha culture, language across all the communities and other social issues. They even talked on what are the things that have influenced them to create songs. They performed live during the webinar.

8. Rong Script and Typography – a liberal inquiry by Ryen Stefan Daehler, a linguist from Switzerland presented on the origins of the Lepcha Script rooted in legends and myths and trailing its evolution across history.

From finding the Róng syllabary in the archival manuscripts to enabling the hatching of its digital avatar in the World Wide Web.

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